Moles, voles and gophers can and do cause extensive damge to properties here in Central Iowa.

bad-molesHere is extensive mole damage done to a businesses landscape. Mole Damage is “usually” easy to spot by the popped up areas of tunneling in the yard.

While moles do not eat grass or other vegitation their tunneling will kill any grass above their tunnels as show in the pictures.

Mole are carnivores, they eat bugs, insects, and earthworms (mostly worms). Putting grub killer on your lawn will NOT rid it of moles as they eat all of the other insects and worms not affected by the grub control.

Trapping them is the best and most effective solution, and as an added bonus no harmful pesticides on your lawn.

molesMore mole damage on a business here in Ames. (left)

Long moles run along the whole side of the building, which branched out into the damages seen in the first picture.(right)