Raccoons  are among the most common of wildlife pests. They get in the garbage, eat the pets food, raid the bird feeders, take up residence in your attic, barn or shed. Unless they pay rent you need to get them out and fast.

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Raccoons carry a variety of dieases, rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and raccoon roundworm. Any raccoon you see  staggering about, not showing fear, or falling and reeling should be avoided at all costs!

Do not attempt to capture or contain the animal, as in it’s diseased state it may attack without provocation, or it may simply lie there and look sluggish, but it is not worth the risks.

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We offer many solutions to raccoon problems, including cage traps, pet proof traps, snares, eviction fluids, as well as exclusions and one way doors.

We have trapped many hundreds of raccoon and are very knowledgeable in thier habits and behaviors.