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Apr 16 2010

Spreading the Word

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I’ve been out this week handing out introduction letters and business cards to various Property Management and Landscaping businesses. I made what I hope are a few good contacts.

The Cemetery has a mole problem they may want me to handle after talking it over with accounting. The golf course has moles up at the clubhouse and beavers in the one pond, again have to wait for the OK from higher up.

Some of the property managment companies seem to remember raccoon problems in the past and having no quick solutions or people to call, hopefully I can fix that.

Had to explain to a few people I am not an exterminator, or a bug guy, I do nuisance wildlfie control, and no domestic animals or bugs. All in all most seemed happy to get my information.


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Apr 02 2010

Beaver Damage Complaint

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Well my phone rang yesterday afternoon.

“Iowa Wildlife Control, this is Mike” I said.

“Hi this is Sherri at ******* we have some problematic wildlife we need removed” the voice on the other end of the line said.

Turns out the townhouse complex has a very large beaver in its pond and they are losing willow trees at an alarming rate.

I went over and talked to the manager, got the contract signed then went to scout the pond and damage. Well I thought at least the beaver isn’t cutting down the ornamental trees along the road YET! I found the damage isolated to a grove of willows in the SE corner.

While I was inspecting the site and locating both the beavers preffered feeding ares and bank den, an elderly gentleman came out of his house. “Are you the man?” he asks me politely with a slight southern drawl. “Yes sir I am” I replied with a smile.

He’s a retired policeman who grew up in southern Arkansas, and had been trapping, hunting and fishing all his life. Sounded a good deal like myself I thought. Told me how when he was 8 years old he trapped because he wanted to buy himself a geetahhrr (guitar), and how the only one he had left was a 1950 Fender!

We talked about the big snapping turtles in the pond (maybe I’ll get another call in summer). He asked me if I ever eaten turtle, and I assured him I had. He then asked if I ever had bbq’ed raccoon, and I told him I hadn’t but had thoguht about it. He told me I was missing a treat, and he even made his own BBQ sauce. He said to skip eating oppossum as it wasn’t very good, but beat having no meat to eat. He even invited me in to have a test of his bbq sauce (darn good!).

I then went back home to get my beavering equipment, and come back to set up. I placed a castor mound at the destroyed willows. (When I walked down the bank I saw a big bow wave in the water so I think I disturbed the beaver.) I used a #3 victor coil, and some sac oil I had as I could not find and of my castor lure. Then I went over to the run leading to the den. As I went down the slope to the den, I went to lean on a big limb, and it snapped. I just caught myself before doing a header into the pond. I placed a 330 to guard the run, fenced it in and put my dive stick on it.

I feel confident I should have a beaver when I check it today or at least by the end of the weekend.

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Mar 30 2010

Spring is here!

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Well spring has sprung!

I am seeing some mole damage about town, the hills are popping up!

Also saw some gopher mounds out on the ISU track field – Bob Hibbing will have to get busy on them!

Raccoons, skunks, and squirrels are breeding so lookout for babies.

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Sep 11 2009

Mole & Gopher job

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Just landed a new mole and gopher job in Ames! The property is riddled with mole runs and gopher mounds. The client seems very eager to be rid of the burrowing creatures.

Will post updates as they come in.



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Sep 09 2009

Raccoon job in Des Moines finished

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Finished up a raccoon job for a real estate agent in Des Moines this week. The mother raccon and her young were vacated from the premises, and now the client has no more bumps in the night across her ceilings.

The client is now sleeping soundly and no longer afraid to let her children play in the yard.



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