Iowa Wildlife Control 

Hello my name is Mike DiSalvo; I own and operate Iowa Wildlife Control, we are a family owned and operated business based in Ames, IA. We have over 44 years of trapping experience with various animals in many differing conditions, seasons, and situations.20151003_142005 We use the most up to date and state of the art equipment and methods available to us. All of our methods meet or exceed Iowa Department of Natural Resources as well as American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines and recommendations.

The type of business we do is normally referred to as Nuisance Wildlife Control Operations (NWCO pronounces newco) or Animal Damage Control (ADC) work.

All we do is wildlife control, we do not handle insects at all; we do not have a pesticide license. We will provide you with honest answers and information about the animals and your problem. We will try to not scare you or pump you full of misinformation. We have extensive animal control experience, as well as a life long study of animal behavior.

As more and more people move out into the country and build or buy their dream homes, they find their homes and properties being damaged by wildlife intent on sharing their properties with them. Animals cause millions of dollars in damages yearly in direct destruction to roofing, siding, gutters, insulation, as well as landscaping. As well as millions more in indirect damages from water leakage and fires caused by compromised wires and clogged flues.Repairing the damage often isn’t enough. The problem animals will only return if not caught and removed. Exclusion measures may also be needed to keep future animals from doing the same damages as the nuisance animals we remove. This is where we can help you, the home or business owner.

We would like to be your one stop solution for any and all nuisance animal problem you might have. This list of animals we handle includes but is NOT limited to:

Raccoons Mink Weasels
Skunks Opossums Moles
Groundhogs Pocket Gophers Squirrels
Beaver Rabbits Chipmunks
Coyotes Bats Snakes
Foxes Rats Muskrats

If the animal you have problems with is not listed above please feel free to Contact us. (Click for Contact Page) We will be more than happy to help you with your problem and find and implement a quick solution for you!

We carry the following Certifications from NWCOA (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association)