House Sparrows and European Starlings are invasive species that were introduced to America in the 1800’s. They find nesting in houses much nicer that trees or natural cavities.

Birds nest in roof vent

Birds nest in roof vent

Both will nest in roof vents clogging them with dried grass, sticks and trash.

Often starlings will put grass and sticks in any opening they can find, and this can cause a large pile of debris. These large piles of debris can be fire hazards as they be under electrical wire in attics and one small spark in that tinder bed of super dried and flammable material would lead to a serious house fire.

Starling nest under attic fan - FIRE hazard!

Starling nest under attic fan – FIRE hazard!

We offer both nest removal from attics and roof vents as well as bathroom vest and dryer vents. We also will install covers on any and all vent you would desire to prevent such issues in the future.