Pictures that show what raccoons will do if they want into your home!

As I tell clients, there is nothing that is raccoon proof, short of plate steel!

Raccoon damage to soffit.
Raccoons tore out the boards and screen on this gable vent
Raccoon ripped out two metal soffit vents to gain access here
Soffit ripped open by raccoons
Raccoon Mamma decided to just go right through the roof here
Torn open ridge vent caused by raccoons
A different view of the ridge ridge that was ripped open
Hole torn into a stucco covered chimney
A second hole torn into a stucco covered chimney
Raccoon ripped a hole underneath a dormer on this house
Raccoon just ripped this vent clean off the house.
They didnt rip this vent off but mangled the shingles enough to need a roofer to fix it