You know you have pocket gophers when you see small mounds of finely sift dirt popping up on your lawn or field.

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The gophers dig 2-3 mound per gopher and can quickly smother your grass with the dirt as it lays on the grass.

We use newly designed trap that are made in California, they are stainless steel and very effective. They sit inside the tunnels so you will not see the traps or the trapped gophers. In our field testing we had very high success ratio to per trap set and ZERO misses!

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Trapping has been shown to be a quicker, easier and safer method of control that using poisons or other methods.

Bob Hibbing of the Iowa State Farm Systems with our help and guidance has removed over 200 gophers in the last 2 years.  Many of the fields he trapped last year have no gophers at all this year and all sites have significatly LESS gophers per acre.